The Weight Solution

Want to let go of those extra pounds, but you’ve tried it all?


  • Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • Behavioral Modification
  • Stress Management

The Weight Solution promotes a clearer understanding of your process of personal changes, helps you raise your self-confidence and offers valuable stress management tools to cope with daily living, utilizing your own true inner control. It will also guide you to an inner strength that can effectively clear your body and mind of self-defeating behaviors, returning you to balanced weight and good health.

When I arrived at my first Weight Control appointment with Life Awareness Programs, I weighed 250 pounds. Along with the hypnosis to establish new and healthier eating habits, I learned how to see myself in a more positive light and respond to stressful situations so that I retained control of my reactions and decisions. After one year I stopped in to see Karen, to show her my new me at 135 pounds. I was so pleased when she didn’t even recognize me!

~Lisa C

Learn to think about yourself as you want to be …
not as you have been in the past.

This unique and complete program will direct you through a process of self-motivation and mastery, and help you understand the psychological, mental and emotional aspects of your eating habits.

A program will be individually structured to your needs.

Do what might be the single, most important thing you could do to become a healthier you. Make that commitment to let go of those extra pounds.

Discovering your own true, inner control can be an exciting and positive adventure.

Through this step-by-step process you will gain an understanding and awareness of why this has been so difficult and challenging in the past, then be individually guided through a series of techniques enabling you to redirect and reprogram your subconscious mind, thereby setting you free from physical addiction to food and compulsive behaviors, as well as mental and emotional triggers that compel you toward self-defeating eating habits.

Understanding the dieting-failing-gaining-it-back cycle.

Most people know how to lose weight. They have done it many times. It was easy … and even easier to gain it all back again! You probably realized that the underlying cause is more than what or how much you eat. Often your hunger is motivated by your mind and emotions rather than your physical needs. You’re overwhelmed, trying desperately to diet without any idea what you’re up against, feeling confused, and doing your best, but being bombarded with a myriad of psychological and emotional aspects of eating habits. After all this, the dieting-failing-gaining-it-back-again cycle leaves you feeling powerless, humiliated and facing the emotional path of failure.

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Tackling this on your own seems to be an impossible task. In the past, you’ve made these attempts and now you believe you can’t. Each time you lose more faith in yourself, becoming more afraid. You feel you can’t handle life without overeating, snacking, perhaps even without the extra weight. The fear around all this becomes a mind block.

The Weight Solution can help you accomplish your goals. It is your mind that holds you back and conversely, your mind that can lead you to success. Free yourself from this confusing cycle once and for all.

The Weight Solution approaches this by helping you to understand the physical, mental and emotional causes of your weight condition. We will explore your thought and behavior patterns and help you change those patterns forever… helping put you in control of your life. You are realizing your weight is a product of what you think about yourself and about food and you also know… if you always think what you always thought… you’ll always get what you always got! 

Utilize Behavioral Modification within the framework of the hypnotic state and work directly with the subconscious mind to create the new, healthier you, mentally, emotionally, physically … even spiritually. Become the person you have the potential to be … be the person you really are!

Remember if you always think what you always thought… you’ll always get what you always got!

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